Speed Switch Relay

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Now easier to set with just a press of a button

Part no: SSRV02

There is now a solution to the problem of front parking sensors being falsely activated when the vehicle is being driven (not parking).

Up to now the only option, with some systems, is to fit a switch on the dashboard that the driver activates when parking, not the neatest solution and what if they forget to activate them!

The Speed Switch Relay gets around this problem by switching a 12 volt or 24 volt device on or off at a preset speed, and can be calibrated to work with any speed pulse frequency. This means the sensors or speaker are activated/de-activated without any driver involvement, therefore offering the same facility as some OE parking systems.

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  • De-activating front parking sensors above a set speed.
  • Eliminating speed pulses when stationary (Land Rover Discovery)
  • Locking doors automatically when vehicle moving (extra security)
  • Switch off equipment above a set speed on plant equipment
  • Activate a buzzer or light when driving above a specific speed

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